We can help employers become involved in supporting schools and young people

We can help employers become involved in supporting schools and young people


Bradford Pathways aims to transform the skills and employment infrastructure. It aims to prepare young people for the changing business and economic needs and support them into a wide range of high-wage, high-skills and high-demand careers in sectors that are important to the economy of Bradford and the region.

This transformation cannot take place without the involvement of you, as local businesses and employers. Your involvement is essential and you can help by:

  • Exposing young people to industry or professional standards and a working environment. This will help young people link their education with the world outside and help them to apply their learning.
  • Reinforcing technical, academic and workplace skills and providing a depth of experience.
  • Connecting to the curriculum, ensuring it fits with future sector needs and the jobs of tomorrow.
  • Supporting career preparation and entry into work.
  • Ensuring a business voice in schools through roles such as Business School Governors.


You may choose to become involved at cluster, school, teacher or at student level. For instance, you can help by supporting the development of labour market information and understanding of employment opportunities, school leadership and governance, curriculum, or skills and awareness.
The specific activities that you and your staff may become involved in include:

At cluster level:

Supporting our Centres of Excellence in Built Environment, Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering, Business and Environmental Technologies to develop and promote:

  • Career pathways and different routes into the employment opportunities
  • Extended learning opportunities to provide the necessary skills

At the school level:

  • Participating in the governing body.
  • Financial and in-kind support.
  • Staff development activities.

At the teacher level:

  • Curriculum development activities – to support embedding of specific skills – such as core skills, STEM, sector-specific skills.
  • Developing lesson resources and participating in employer delivered class-room learning – supporting career learning activities, or curriculum (such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths – STEM).
  • Enterprise related activities – business competitions to set up and run an enterprise, or short-term activities simulating business challenges.

At the student level:

  • Careers events participation – interacting with young people and providing information about your company and employment opportunities.
  • Careers talks – inspiring a group of students about your company and employment opportunities.
  • Job entry support – such as CV /application workshops, or mock interviews.
  • Employability workshops – delivering lessons supporting for example, self-awareness or communication skills.
  • Mentoring support – providing one-to-one guidance and support to a young person.
  • Work-experience through: workplace visits, 1-2 weeks’ work experience, part-time working, work-related learning, work-shadowing, providing access to and learning on specialist equipment.


For you, Bradford Pathways can provide specific benefits, including:

● Supporting recruitment, through being able to interact and attract potential employees by investing in the future workforce, raising awareness of the industry and demonstrating corporate social responsibility – Ultimately helping you to fill positions that are available today, close existing skills gaps and prepare a flexible and skilled workforce for the changing needs of the 21st Century, including jobs that do not yet exist.

● Accessing an improved skills base by helping the education sector understand what candidates need to demonstrate to gain employment.

● Philanthropic gains through awareness of challenges facing schools, providing input into education, supporting the development of a literate workforce and direct opportunity to give back to the community by supporting young people.

● Staff development with employees benefiting professionally through volunteer activity, and rethinking and challenging their existing practices, improving productivity.

● Increased staff morale and personal satisfaction.

● Reputation benefits, with an improved community profile, promotional opportunities
and being seen to be a socially responsible employer.


Bradford Pathways can support you with:

  • Practical step by step support and resources on how to effectively participate in the
    programmes and activities.
  • Induction support for staff that will be working with schools.
  • Matching and brokering activities with schools.
  • Safeguarding, health and safety information and checks, and DBS process as required.
  • Introductions to other support programmes for example the Leeds City Region’s Enterprise Advisors, and the STEM Ambassadors programmes.

Get involved by completing the registration form and letting us know which activities you wish to be involved in. If you wish to discuss this before completing the form, then please contact us on 01274 439554 or 07814 833431, or email us at info@bradford-pathways.org.uk