young female plumber apprentice at work with her boss

Bradford Pathways aims to prepare young people better for the changing business and economic needs. It will support them to explore different career pathways, accessing the skills and knowledge they need to enter into high-wage, high skills and high demand jobs in Bradford and beyond.

We will do this by working with schools and employers to deliver the Offer to Young People, which includes at least 100 hours of experience of the world of work.


A key element of Bradford Pathways is to start early in the development of core skills (Pathways Essentials) that will help young people to progress successfully throughout their careers; in addition to raising awareness of the wide range of career opportunities. We are therefore working with primary school, in addition to secondaries, as by the age of 14 when young people are making their options choices, they will have ruled out many exciting opportunities.


You, as parents, however, have a key role in supporting young people to develop relevant skills and help them make their decisions about their future. This section of the website is aimed at providing access to the resources that can help you in that role.


We do not intend to duplicate the wide range of expertise, advice and support that is readily available to support parents, but to point you in the direction of it instead. One useful starting point is

The Resources section provides additional information and guidance for parents from a wide range of sources.


If you have any specific queries relating to Bradford Pathways and the Offer to Young People please contact us.