The Bradford Pathways Offer to Young People

  • At least 100 hours of experience in the world of work, throughout the learner journey.
  • Support through a learner journey that provides:
  • i. Career awareness up to Key Stage 2, enabling children to widen their horizons and understand why academic learning is important to prepare them for adulthood and work.
    ii. Career Exploration up to Key Stage 3, enabling young people to learn the skills and obtain the information that they need to make informed decisions about their careers and study options for the next stage.
    iii. Career Preparation up to Key Stage 5, enabling young people to gain direct exposure to and experience in their chosen career pathways, and also develop the skills to manage their career decisions and adapt their pathways, leading into transition into the next stages including further learning and work.

  • Access to quality, impartial, personalised and independent Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance.
  • An Individual Learning Plan and Portfolio specifying career goals and evidencing learner journey (from year 7) and progress through pathways to achieving goals.
  • Access to relevant, up-to-date, tailored and user-friendly Labour Market Information and resources, linked to career clusters and occupations, including those key to Bradford’s economy.
  • Meaningful engagement with businesses providing inspiration and motivation for enterprise and careers in key sectors and occupations.
  • Information and access to local sector/occupation -specific provision/curriculum supporting progression in key cluster pathways